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January 2010

Core Synergistics Superset Workout

The Core Synergistics workout is designed to strengthen the core muscles of your body. Your “core” includes all of the muscles along the trunk of your body. This means that your abs and back are part of the core. This…

Superset Ab Workout

The focus tonight is on core ab muscles. Do superset A+B with ZERO rest in between the two sets; then take a 30 sec break before moving to the next superset. See you on the workout floor with the following…

Superset Full Body Workout

WORKOUT DETAILS Stability Ball Warm up Stretch —— 1.A Standing Alternating Bent Over Row 1.B Prone Pull Ins on Ball 2.A Bodyweight Lateral Lunge 2.B Triceps Bench Dip 3.A Overhead Squat with Ball 3.B Extended Leg Ball Crunch

Pushup Variations – Part III

WORKOUT DETAILS 1. Cross Touch Pushup 2. Wide Pushup 3. Lower Body Elevated Pushup 4. Lower Body Elevated Pushup with Leg Raise 5. Upper Body Elevated Pushup 6. Pushup Jacks 7. Floor Flys

Pushup Variations – Part II

WORKOUT DETAILS 1. Muay Thai Pushup 2. Hindu Pushup 3. Leg Raise Pushup 4. Staggered Pushup 5. Alligator Pushup 6. Close Grip Pushup 7. Treadmill X Pushup

Pushup Variations – Part I

WORKOUT DETAILS 1. Regular Pushup 2. Crossover Pushup 3. T Pushup 4. One Arm Pushup 5. Explosive Front Clap Pushup 6. Spiderman Pushup 7. Grasshopper Pushup

High Intensity Cardio – Part II

WORKOUT DETAILS 1. High Kicks 2. Power Jacks 3. power Knees 4. Power Jumps 5. Burpees 6. Pushup Jacks 7. Push-Thru Crunch 8. Plank Oblique Jumps

High Intensity Cardio

WORKOUT DETAILS 1. Plyo Squat 2. Explosive Pushups 3. X – Crunch 4. Squat Pushups Combo 5. Side Plank Crunch 6. Split Squat