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April 2010

Core Synergistic Supersets

Three quick ones for today. Make sure you repeat the entire routine four times. Here they are: WORKOUT DETAILS 1. Nail Biter w/ Backpack 2. Bench Jumping Jacks 3. Wall Plank

Total Body Workout

WORKOUT DETAILS 1. Shuffle Sprint 2. Stability Ball Jack Knife w/ Double Pushups 3. Vertical Jump Squats 4. Stability Ball Plank

BackPack Workout

I’m using a 30-pound backpack in today’s routine. Go easy at first, (say 10 to 15 pounds to begin with), and increase the weight in the bag with more practice down the road. See you next time. WORKOUT DETAILS 1.…

Advanced Leg Workout – Aerobic Combo

Superset workout – This is an extension to the series of advanced leg workouts I’ve posted in the past; do this one 3 times with 30 sec break in between 2 sets. WORKOUT DETAILS 1. Half Back No break 2.…