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Double Combo Drills – Part III

Back to the Doubles tonight. Let’s get on the treadmill for the first one, keeping it ‘combo’ with the biceps curls – this one is a total body workout designed for maximum fat burn. If you’re not comfortable with the reverse run, just do it regular. Attempt to get in about 20 to 30 solid curls or just curl it to failure for those of you who like PAINNN. Take between 0 to 10-second break and go get the stability ball for the second drill. Then, if you have it, get the iron gym workout bar for the BONUS COMBO DRILL. If you don’t have it, do pushups and crunches instead.

1. Reverse Treadmill Run – Biceps Curl Combo
2. Ball Leg Tuck In – Ball Crunch Combo
– Pull Up – Leg Raise Combo

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