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Proper Nutrition 101 – Part 1

I thought I would start uploading basic nutritional guide videos to complement my regular workouts because a proper nutrition is half the battle in the weight-loss and beach-body-looking contest. Stay away from fast food, and eat several times throughout the day. I generally eat at least 5 TIMES every day. In my nutritional videos, just like this one, I will be showing you my meals of the day. After a really intense workout, do NOT reward yourself with a bad meal; always strive to get the meal right, otherwise it CANCELS out your workout!

What I’m eating today
1. BREAKFAST – Coffee cake muffin w/ low fat cinnamon cottage cheese
2. SNACK 1 – Veggie bake
3. LUNCH: Garlic chicken w/ mixed vegetables
4. SNACK 2: Chocolate chip oat square w/ cream cheese
5. DINNER: Braised peppered beef w/ brown rice pilaf and snap peas

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