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June 2010

Crunches – Part 4

Let’s keep moving through the abdominal exercises with Part 4 of the Crunches series. Here are today’s routines: WORKOUT DETAILS 1. Toe-Touch Crunches 2. Bicycle Crunches

Triple Combo Drills – Part I

Now that the Double Combo Drills are wrapped up, tonight I begin the first of the “triple” series, consisting of three back-to-back supersets. The idea here is to push yourself much farther than you did in the “double” series, with…

Crunches – Part 3

Let’s continue with the six pack series with two new exercises of high difficulty levels but equally high impact. You may want somebody to assist you with the first one in the beginning (by holding your balance), though some people…

Crunches – Part 2

WORKOUT DETAILS 1. Ball Pass Crunch 2. Crunch Twist (with Leg Raise)

Crunches – Part 1

I will also be shooting a variety of ab-focused videos; Tonight is part one of the crunch series with the following two routines. WORKOUT DETAILS 1. Bird Crunches 2. Side Plank w/ Leg Raises

Bootcamp Workout – Quadruple Combo Drills – Part I

Today I will fast forward and skip quite a few classes to show you what the quadruple combo drills look like. What you are doing here is combining four different exercises into one single fluid routine. You will REALLY feel…

Double Combo Drills – Part X

Already Part 10 of the Double Combo Drills edition. Today’s exercises are as follows: WORKOUT DETAILS 1. Spiderman Pushup – Mountain Climber Combo 2. Snow Tire Jumps – High Knees Combo