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July 2010

Crunches – Part 9

Continuing on the abs theme with Crunches Part 9 this morning. Here they are: WORKOUT DETAILS 1. Elevated Side Plank on Ball 2. Head Bump Crunches on Ball


Four Week Fat Loss Challenge

If you have been looking for a great home workout program that you can follow to the tee, there are unfortunately not many free and detailed videos out there. And so, following a request of a very good friend of…

Triple Combo Drills – Part 4

These ones may be a little tricky but are very efficient in helping build a stronger upper body while you are keeping your abs worked out at the same time. Practice the 1, 2, 3, 4 counts WORKOUT DETAILS 1)…

Triple Combo Drills – Part 2

So I purchased this pretty neat new camcorder yesterday and this is my first shooting with this new model, works like a champ with very crisp graphics; still learning most of the features but so far it does the job.…

Crunches – Part 8 (Ab Workout)

A quick one for tonight. Get a 10 lbs dumbbell and crunch in about 10-15X in each hand. Rest for 30 sec and do it again 2 more times. Use this exercise to supplement your workout (meaning this is not…

Proper Nutrition 101 – Part 6

Today I want to take a few moments to share with you 10 tips you can follow for a healthy life. These tips are not set in stone but they do summarize some of the things we can do to…

Crunches – Part 7

WORKOUT DETAILS 1. Dumbbell-Weighted Crunches 2. Stability Ball Jack-Knife

Crunches – Part 6

Alright, it’s sunny outside so I’m on the terrace for this morning’s routines. We are not done with the crunch series, so today you will see two more. One focused on your front abs, and the second builds up your…