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October 2010

Treadmill Insanity Workout – Part 2

Full Body Workout on Treadmill. In this routine, you will be working your biceps, legs, abs, shoulders, triceps, etc. Take no break between sets until you finish the entire circuit. Then rest for 30 sec and repeat 4 more times…

Resistance Band Workout – Part 4

The focus is on the legs tonight, using the resistance band as support. Make sure you finish off with jumping jacks, or leg shuffles or any other types of leg movements that will bring the blood flow back into your…

5 Ways To Lose Weight Without Dieting

Include these five simple weight loss rules in your daily routines. 1. Eat 5-6 Small Meals / Day 2. Spice up Your Food 3. Say NO To Salt 4. Pack in Your Proteins 5. Laugh and Laugh Some More

Stability Ball Workout

Three challenging routines tonight with the Stability Ball. Space the sets with 20 sec breaks. Repeat entire circuit 5X. No pain No gain. Practice makes perfect!