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High Intensity Cardio – Bootcamp Workout For Troopers

Guys – I’m not gonna lie, this one is a bit brutal, but ALWAYS remember, NO PAIN, NO GAIN. This bootcamp workout is designed to work all major areas of your body: legs, hips, biceps, triceps, chest, abs, etc. Once you finish the circuit, take a 30 sec rest and repeat 3 more times. No slack guys – Let’s get in shape ASAP!

I had a question on my Youtube Channel regarding the length of each rep of this routine – Here was my response for what it’s worth: Start each rep @ 20 sec and work your way up in few weeks. But don’t do this workout every day. Week 1, do it Mon, Wed, Friday @ 20 sec; Week 2 – Mon, Wed, Friday @ 25 sec, Week 3 @ 30 etc..and continue to build up in strength – On Tue and Thurs, do other routines that have less cardio, and rest on Sat and Sun, that’s when your body builds muscle.

1) Bench Jumps (20 Sec)
2) Toe-Touch Pushups (20 Sec)
3) Knee-Touch Crunches (20 Sec)
4) Knee-Touch Squats (20 Sec)
5) Burpees (20 Sec)
6) Side Plank w/ Leg Raises (Right Side) (20 Sec)
7) Side Plank w/ Leg Raises (Left Side) (20 Sec)
8 ) Split Squats (20 Sec)
9) Spiderman Pushups (20 Sec)
10) Triceps Dips w/ Leg Raises (20 Sec)

Remember, there is NO break between sets!! You take a break and you fail 😉
You take a 30 sec break ONLY and ONLY after completing the entire circuit.  Then repeat 3 more times for a total of 4 times!

Less than 14min

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