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Iron Gym Workout – Part 2

Iron Gym Workout
Iron Gym Workout

Back with the Iron Gym Workout – Part 2 tonight, working the abs with the Bicycle motion AND your biceps with the pull up reps. One thing I’ve failed to mention in my Iron gym routine videos is that you need to wear workout gloves to reduce to a maximum the blisters in your hands (especially if you want to avoid a callous-feeling palm).

A good way to build comfort with the iron gym in the beginning is to just grip it and to remain suspended, motionless for as long as you possibly can. With time, you will develop more strength and progressively will be able to start factoring in motion.

Tonight’s routine is a bit advanced, and therefore is not for beginners. Instead of just doing the regular pull-ups, you will be combining them with the Bicycle rotations. You will attempt to hold the Bicycle movements for 5-10 seconds on your way up at each time. This is a fantastic way to work your front abs and biceps in the same workout routine. Talking about efficiency! 😉

Another variation of this routine is the one I showed you starting at 2:00 in the video (the Left-Right Bicycle Wipers). Absolutely amazing for your obliques. When you are suspended in the air, it’s a different feeling (painful, I won’t hide it, but highly rewarding). Do about 5-10 seconds of Bicycle Wipers on your left side, and the same on your right at each time. Do it till failure, i.e until you can no longer hold your grip. Do NOT fall though!! Make sure you do know your limit.

– Bicycles Pull-up (Maintain for 5-10 Sec on your way up)
Do it till Failure AND Repeat 5 more times

Another Variation
– Left-Right Bicycle Wipers (Maintain for 5-10 on your Left and Right side)
Do it till Failure AND Repeat 5 more times

Less than 10 min

One Last thing. Abs do not get created doing these exercises. They get a very nice definition from these routines. But the key to “create” your abs is to start by burning the fat through high intensity cardio routines, otherwise no matter how many ab exercises you do, you will never see the nice definitions! Good Luck.

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