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Advanced Leg Workout – Part V (Lunges with Leg Raises)

Tonight’s routing, which focuses on lunges, will help you tone up the butt area (for women this is an essential part of the body), legs and arms. If you are already familiar with lunges, raising your knees and adding weight to your body should add an exciting challenge to it. If you’ve never attempted the lunges before, please try them out for about a week (with the knee raises) in order to gain comfort before you begin adding any weight.  A 7.5 lb-dumbbell should be perfect as this is not a strength exercise. Keep a proper form throughout and if you feel like falling, drop the weight and practice again until you feel comfortable and stabilized in an upright position.

– Lunges with Leg Raises – x 40 (or till failure).
Take a 1 min Break and Repeat again 2 more times

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