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Advanced Leg Workout – Part VI (Legs & Cardio)

In tonight’s advanced leg workout routine, I’m combining burpees with bench jumps (or floor squat jumps for people who are not comfortable with jumping on a bench). This workout engages your thigh muscles, chest, and arms in a seamless 1-2 step movement and it’s a great cardio exercise. Once you’re done, take a 30sec break and repeat 3X. Make sure that you stretch well before this leg routine in order to warm up your muscles. Stretching exercises are fundamental because they increase flexibility which helps reduce injuries during your actual workout.

Also, as you can see, this leg workout combines two different exercises done simultaneously: (a) the regular burpees and (b) the bench jumps or floor squat jumps. If it’s your first time coming in contact with either of these two exercises, I highly suggest you try them separately at first for at least a week, to get comfortable with the body movement. Only then can you properly execute them in combination.

-Burpees | Bench Jump or Floor Squat Jumps (x 10) ~30 Sec
– Rest 30 sec and Repeat 3 more times for a total of 4 times

-3 min