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Crunches-Ab Routines – Part 14 (Stability Ball & Resistance Band)

Abdominal workouts are excellent routines that complement your cardio to strengthen and stabilize your trunk (core). Your core is where all movements in your body originate, so you should not neglect ab exercises. Good ab workouts involve tightening your abdominal muscles rather than pulling your necks or your back. Therefore, when you are performing an ab workout, keep a proper form. Merry Christmas, and keep an eye on what and how your eat during the Holidays 😉

1. Body Roll on Stability Ball – x 15 (no break -then)
2. Plank Jack Knife on Stability Ball – x 15  (30 sec rest)
3. Leg Raises with Resistance Band – x 20 (Variation ONE – both legs)
4. Leg Raises with Resistance Band – x 20 each leg (Variation TWO – alternating legs)

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