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Bootcamp Outdoor Workout – Part 1

Today I am in Togo, Africa working out in a beautiful weather. Guys if you have the ability to workout outside, please do it. It’s a totally different feeling, and you also have more room and therefore, more options. In today’s routine, you are going to locate a flat surface, about 20 yards by 20 yards wide, preferably grassy rather than sandy (because you need a hard surface for the burpees). You will kick off with 10 burpees, then immediately sprint forward, sideway, backward, and then back to square one. Then take a 30 second break (or for higher intensity do not take any break), and then repeat the entire circuit again 6 more times for a total of seven times. Guys, this workout is absolutely amazing and you will see what I mean once you’ve gone thru it. You may have to wait for the spring or summertime to do it but at the first opportunity you find, definitely try this outdoor workout

-Burpees (x10)
-Sprint Fwd, Laterally, Backward, & back to Square 1

Repeat 6X

Under 10 minutes

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