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Gymboss Interval Timer Review and Video

Gymboss Interval Timer Review and VideoHave you ever caught yourself counting the number of repetitions of a workout routine, then in the middle of counting the reps, you forget what number you were on? Especially when it comes down to routines that require very high numbers of reps (such as dumbbell curls or jumping jacks), or worse, routines that you do very fast (such as jump ropes or mountain climbers), it becomes a real nightmare to keep an accurate track of your rep counts. Well, I have experienced that “situation” several times in the past until I began using the Gymboss Interval Timer.

As the name indicates, the Gymboss Interval Timer is a device that sets up your entire routine into intervals of same durations separated with rest times. For example, in the picture on the left, I set up the Gymboss Timer to track a 25-second workout with a 13 second break between each exercise and 9 different routines. The timer beeps each time your 25 seconds are up and each time your break is over. Once you finish going through all the 9 routines, the device starts beeping continuously until you turn it off by pressing and holding down the “NEXT” button for 3 seconds. You can restart again by pressing the “START” key and repeat the circuit again as many times as you want.

Because High Intensity Interval Training requires you to keep track of the time spent on each routine in order to get the most of your workout, the Gymboss is an essential tool that everyone should have in their workout arsenal. Moreover, who doesn’t want to do what their “boss” is asking them to do? 😉 You sure can count on the Gymboss to keep a close eye on your workout and tell you when to start and to finish your routine. No more slacking and taking the easy way out with your workout. With the Gymboss, you push yourself to your limit until you hear the beep of relief that tells you to stop. Ultimately, you feel great about yourself for conducting an intense workout session and getting the most out of it. Below is an example of how I used the Gymboss Interval Timer for a mountain climber, jumping jack combo workout. Get your Gymboss today by Clicking Here

Here’s a Gymboss Video Contest I took part in on 12/31/2011
The Gymboss video contest requires that the Gymboss be used for things other than exercising