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Jump Rope

Jump RopeWhat I realized is when most people think about jump rope, the first thing that comes to their mind is their recollection of childhood jump rope games back in Elementary School. Most people are under the impression that jumping rope is more of a game or a kid’s toy. The reality however, is that it is actually an extremely effective tool that  can help you  shep extra pounds and get you in shape. To gauge whether jumping ropes gets your heart rate up, I recommend you  do it for 3 minute straight and compare it to 3 minute on the treadmill. You will quickly see the wide difference in intensity and body engagement. So it is not surprising that I prefer the jump rope to a treadmill. Besides, if you had to make the choice between purchasing a jump rope for $10 to $15 or a treadmill for more than $500 (for a better weight loss result with the jump rope), the choice is a no-brainer

What Body Areas Does The Jumping Rope Target?

Most people may answer “legs” but the real answer is just about every muscle in your body. In fact the jump rope even works muscles that rarely get used. After my first time jumping rope, I was sore in many muscle groups, most importantly in the calves and abdominal regions. I recommend, if you are trying to get abs, to practice  jumping rope, instead of doing regular crunches. You will see a noticeable difference because your core really gets worked hard since your abdominal muscles have to contract in order to stabilize your entire body as it jumps up and down. And you burn fat through the same process. What better than to kill two birds with one stone ! See below.

What to Consider When Purchasing a Jump Rope

As I mentioned before, for about $15, you can purchase a jump Rope at most sporting good stores. Make sure it is adjustable; this is very important! If its not adjustable, try it out if you can and see if your can wrap the extra cord around your hand.

Here’s How to Assess The Right Adjustment on Your Jump Rope

  • Place your Jump Rope on the ground
  • Stand on on it at an equal distance between the handles
  • Then hold  the band’s handles and raise them to your chest
  • The top of the handles should reach about 6 inches below your collar cone but it shouldn’t be lower than your upper abs.

How to  Jump Rope

As a beginner, you may “double bounce” between rotations. This actually allows you to rest your core a little bit as well as your calves in between two rotations . Attempt to jump as cleanly as possible in between each rotation and keep the abs and core tight and your body straight.

When you jump rope, your arms shouldn’t move much. Your wrists are the ones that do the rotation movement. For your first two weeks of jumping rope set a goal of jumping the rope for 5 minutes straight without the need to stop and start over. This means that if you have to stop because the rope hits your feet, you have to start the  count again from scratch. You also want to get to the point where you are able to jump rope alternating feet (for example three rotations on the left foot, then three on the right, and keep on going until you have foot fatigue.

If you practice long enough, one day you may jump ropes like the guy in this video, and NO even I’m not at that level yet 😉