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Obesity is No Fun – Watch Your Body Weight

OK guys,

So in my everlasting quest for healthy life, I read a LOT of health-related articles over the 14:30 hours of my flight to Togo yesterday. Yes I landed safely and found a few minutes to write this short blog post.  For those who don’t know where Togo is, it is a beautiful country off the coasts of West Africa.

Here’s the highlight of my flight reading:

  • Percentage of Men Who are Overweight or Obese: 70
  • Average Number of Years a Man Loses From his Life Span if He was Obese at Age 20: 13
  • Size of the Average Guy’s Waist: 40 INCHES
  • Maximum Waist Size that Could Fit into the Escape Pod Used by the Trapped Chilean Miners in Aug 2010: 35 INCHES

I’m not sure if you feel the same way I do after reading this but the stats are shocking and although the article refers specifically to guys, I’m pretty sure it’s no different for our female counterparts. I will post some nutrition-related tips later on as a follow up to this but in the meantime I just want to say: Please take care of your health; and if you don’t want to do it for your own sake, then do it for those who love you!



Watch Your Body Weight

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