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Resistance Band

Resistance BandA resistance band or exercise band is a workout tool everyone should have because they allow you to perform dozens of routines that would have required you to buy or use several different equipment. At the bottom of this article, I show you a video example of routines I’ve done with the resistance band.

Resistance band exercises are great for home workout and can be included into any circuit training to help strengthen specific muscle groups. These workout bands are also very affordable (about $20) and portable, so you can travel with them. Right off the bat, resistance bands are a good replacement for dumbbells. In fact, many new users are surprised at how tough an exercise band workout can be. For a workout equipment that weighs less than a cellphone, a resistance band is surprisingly good at growing your muscles (from your biceps, to your triceps, shoulders, legs etc). To take full advantage of working out with the resistance band, I would encourage you to click on the Resistance Band Workout section of my site to view all the workout routines I’ve posted on this site. The wide variety of routines I have videotaped can teach you how to pump up your workout and get great results quickly.

When you are purchasing your fitness band, make sure of two main things. First make sure you check its weight-equivalent. You don’t want to buy something that’s too easy to pull or way to hard neither. Second, make sure your resistance band has a door attachment. In the picture on the top left hand corner, the door attachment is the attachment that holds the little ball. It allows you to hook the band through doors and windows to lock it in place for appropriate exercises.

As with any workout, I recommend warming up or stretching your muscles and joints before applying resistance in order to help prevent injury. During each workout, hold the band in a position that feels most comfortable for you. If you need to apply more resistance, stretch the band further from the door or window (or wherever you’ve attached it) and if you need less resistance, get closer to the point of attachment. In the below video, I attached the video to a sliding glass door.