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Stretching Exercises – Part 1

As you may already know, Stretching is an important part of your pre-workout warm up session because it helps prevent workout-related injuries. Stretching exercises can precede your normal body weight workout or your cardio exercise. In other words, stretching routines are not to be done ONLY when your actual workout involves lifting heavy weight. I will be focusing more time on muscle group-specific exercises. In the meantime, in the video below, I give you a quick overview of different muscle-targeted stretching exercises.

1. Hamstring Stretching (30 sec on each leg)
2. Inner Thighs Stretching (30 sec on each leg)
3. Quad Stretching (15 sec on each leg)
4. Shoulder Stretching (30 sec on each arm)
5. Triceps Stretching (30 sec on each arm)
6. Upper & Lower Back Stretching (Hold for 30 sec)
7. Chest Stretching (Hold for 30 sec)

– Less than 6min