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Bootcamp Outdoor Workout – Part 3

Back on the green space for some high intensity outdoor workout. On the last run, we covered 4 burpees at each angle of the 20 by 20 yard square. Upper body was the empashis of that workout, so I thought I would even things out with a focus on lower body today. So instead of burpees, you will get in squat position and jump squat your way through two sides of the square, sprinting laterally on the other remaining two sides. The video is a much better explanation, as I’m not doing it justice right now! Anyway, once you are back to square one, take a 30 second break (or for higher intensity impact, do not take any break), and then repeat the entire circuit again 6 more times for a total of seven times. If you want stronger and more toned legs (which is what everyone wants!), plus the ability to burn some serious fat while you are at it, then this is the workout you would want to do guys.

I even have a mini-blooper at the end..See I’m a regular person just like you 😉 So if I can do this workout, you can do it too

– Jump Squats (x5)
– Sprint Laterally & Turn
– Jump Squats (x5)
– Sprint back to Square 1

Repeat 6X

Under 10 minutes

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