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Bootcamp Outdoor Workout – Part 4

OK same concept – high intensity outdoor workout and focus is back on Upper body. I like to mix things up so I thought of a good way to make pushups¬† a bit more fun with this routine. If you are new to pushups, don’t panic; there is no shame in doing them on your knees. The important thing here is to allow your body to move around between each pushup routine. As usual, once you’ve completed a full square, rinse and repeat again 6 more times for a total of seven times. If you want a stronger upper body (not necessarily a bigger one), plus the ability to burn some serious fat while you are at it, then this is the proper workout for you.


– Spiderman Pushups (x4)
– Sprint Forward + 4 Pushups
– Sprint Laterally + 4 Pushups
– Sprint Backward + 4 Pushups
– Sprint back to Square 1

Repeat 6X

Under 10 minutes

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