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Crunches – Ab Routines Part 16

This is a great routine that will certainly help you strengthen your core, and develop your abs. However, as I always repeat it (and I will never say emphasize this enough), if you do NOT burn fat through high intensity cardio and/or various other aerobic routines, you will NEVER see your ab muscles because they will forever be hidden underneath layers of flabs, aka fat. And you don’t want that, so do keep an eye on the fat burning routines

Back to this particular ab workout, pick a light-weight dumbbell (2.5 to 5 lbs would be good enough; 10 to 15lbs or higher if you are to grill yourself, which is fine too 😉 IF you do not have a dumbbell (by the way, everyone should own at least one dumbbell, because they are multi-routines pieces of equipment), then use a thick sturdy book.

With your feet up and your back off the floor, extend on each side of your body by lightly twisting your torso (avoid brusque movements); then curl over your knees as you do the crunch, and pass it on to the other side of your torso.

Torso Twist Crunches with Weight
Do it till failure and Repeat till failure 5X


Under 10 minutes

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