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Advanced Leg Workout – Part VII

It often shocks me when I see people focusing narrowly on working out their upper body by lifting a ton of weight, yet completely ignoring to do any leg routines. This is a dangerous practice and if you are among that group of people, it’s important to acknowledge that the primary role of your legs is to support your body weight. So if they are not well trained and strong enough, they will end up bailing out and we don’t want that. That’s why it’s critical to work them out any opportunity you get (and NO, walking back and forth to the grocery store is not good enough). You need some serious workout routines

Tonight, my leg workout is one of my favorite because it combines strength and balance and the results are phenomenal with the way they reshape your thigh area. Do 20 power backward lunges on each leg (that’s one Set). Then take between a 30 to 60 second break and repeat the entire circuit 6 more times for a total of 7 times

– Under 15 min

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