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Bootcamp Workout – Fat Burner

With this Bootcamp workout, you will get your “sweat on” guaranteed. As usual, you do not need any fancy gym equipment to do any of my workouts. For this routine, grab a 5 lbs dumbbell or a sturdy book, or anything else you feel comfortable swinging from side to side. Get your Gymboss ready and set it up for 10 seconds Rest with 40 seconds of circuit time for a total of 15 sets.

You have to know how to do pushups in order to do this workout properly. Pushups are an extremely important form of exercise and I would encourage everyone to learn how to do them. For this routine, you will perform three pushups from left to right, then do a side jump with a side lunge, and then another side jump and side lunge. You continue to repeat until the 40 seconds run out. You take a 10 seconds break (which by the way goes mind-bogglingly fast!), AND then move to the Torso Twist Crunches with Weight.

Keep in mind that for each of these exercises, a perfectly executed routine is ALWAYS better than a fast one. Speed is not the issue here; keeping a proper form is far more important.

– 3 Pushups to the Right +
Side Jump to the Left +
Side Lunge to the Right +
Side Jump to the Right +
Side Lunge to the Left

(Perform for 40 sec)
– 10 Sec Break

– Torso Twist Crunches with Weight

(Perform for 40 sec)
– 10 Sec Break

Get back to the Pushups, then to the Crunches until the 15 sets of the Gymboss count down run out
Good Luck, and remember, No Pain – No Gain !

– Under 13min

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