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Training with Agata – Part 2

Remember a few post ago I mentioned that a good workout partner comes handy sometimes when you need motivation to workout? So does a personal trainer, or a good friend that supports the fact that you are exercising and are keeping in shape. So tonight, my friend Agata came by to work out with me and she will take the opportunity to show you two routines that can help you strengthen your core (that is your torso area, all around through your back). Practice these routines until you can do them while maintaining proper form. Set your GYMBOSS for 20 seconds workout time and 10 seconds break.

The first routine consists of doing a regular pushup (or on your knees, whichever you feel comfortable with), then extending your arm while you do a 180 degree rollover. Now you should be facing up. You then combine immediately with a bird crunch and then another 180 degree rollover that sends you in position to perform another pushup and repeat the cycle. Do this for 20 sec. Wait for the GYMBOSS to tell you to stop, then take a 10 sec break and move to the second routine.

For this exercise, you will have your palms on the floor, shoulder width apart, using your arms as support to lift your body. To make it fun, lift one leg up, and perform the dips for 20 secs. Then shift to your other leg and repeat.

Once your are done with the two sets, you take another 10 sec rest and go through the entire circuit four more times for a total of five times

1) Rollover Crunches & Pushups (20 sec)
10 sec break
2) Triceps Dips – Left Leg Up (20 sec)
10 sec break
3) Triceps Dips – Right Leg Up (20 sec)

10 sec break and repeat entire circuit 4 more times for a total of 5 times

Under 8 min