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Abdominal Routine Obliques w/ Extended Legs

Tonight I am working out in my house (doing some iron gym workout) so I decided to take a break and show you one great exercise that can help you develop your side abs (obliques), while strengthening your core. Lie down on a mat on your left side, legs straight and feet locked. Extend your left arm perpendicularly to your body, with the back of your left hand on the floor. Your right arm will be in V shape, with your right hands fingers grazing the back of your head.

Then in a single movement, raise you legs and your head at the same time and touch your thighs with your right elbow. Repeat for 45 seconds and switch to your left side and repeat for a same duration. You may take a 10 second break between each set. As you saw in my video, you can put in about 16 reps in 45 seconds, but in the beginning, it’s best to achieve proper form than to seek speed. Speed will come with practice.

As a reminder, abdominal routines are essential workouts routines that help stabilize your body throughout your daily activities so it’s important to not neglect doing them. Find more of these ab workouts on my site and choose the ones you feel the most comfortable with at first.

Left Side – (45 sec)
10 Sec Break
Right Side – (45 sec)

Repeat 7 more times for a total of 8 X

Less than 8 min

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