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Advanced Leg Workout – Thigh and Calves

I’ve always repeated this: Do not neglect to do some leg workout because they support your body weight. As a result, they have to be in the best shape and greatest strengthen they can possibly be in. So it’s no wonder why tonight’s routine is focusing on both your upper and lower leg (i.e thigh and calves).

The workout is broken up into two sets that will be repeated 5 times. For both routines, you will need a stuffed backpack. Mine is piled up with old books that weigh about 30 lbs in total. The first exercise consists of holding the backpack on your back, from across your shoulders, with the back of your hands facing up, right by your neck area. With one leg half bent and the other one far behind you, you will perform the stationary lunges with leg kick-ups until you can no longer stand up. Then you take a 10 second break, switch legs, and repeat till failure again.

After this set, rest for 30 seconds and move to the second exercise. In this routine, hold the bag behind your legs with both hands, and lift your heels up about 30 to 45 degrees from the floor. Hold it till failure, then take a 30 second break and repeat both sets again 5 more times for a total of 6 times.

Besides standing still with your heels up, I have shown you two other variations. The first one involves an up and down movement, all the while, making sure that your heels do NOT touch the floor. In the second option, you will walk back and forth and small steps. These two variations are more advanced, and therefore are harder than merely standing still, so test your level of comfort before you try them out.

1-A) Backpack Lunges with Leg Kick ups – Left Leg (Till Failure)
10 sec break
1-B) Backpack Lunges with Leg Kick ups – Right Leg (Till Failure)
30 sec break
2) Elevated Heels (Till failure)

Rest for 30 seconds and repeat the entire circuit again 5 more times for a total of 6 times

Less than 15 min


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