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Training with Agata – Abdominal Workout

Abdominal Workout
Challenging Ab Workout

My friend Agi will be showing you two abdominal routines that are a bit challenging but their results are greatly rewarding. One thing though that I want to reemphasize is that abs are not created from ab routines; they are “defined” thru ab routines. Everyone has ab muscles, but because most people’s body fat percentage is elevated, the ab muscles remain covered underneath layers of fat tissues. Therefore, you necessarily have to burn the fat (thru high intensity cardio routines), in order to show the abs. It always amuses me when people ask me the following question: “I’m looking to have a flat stomach; what kind of ab workout do you recommend”. I usually respond: ” I recommend intense cardio workout!”

And that’s the truth. If you are not willing to sweat your butt off doing cardio routines that get tour heart rate elevated for short but intense periods of times, you will NOT get the flat belly; pure and simple. So get your ipod out; select some groovy tunes, and get on with the high intensity cardio program 😉

For Agi’s first workout routine, you will need a low-weight dumbbell (preferably below 10 lbs). Keep your body in about a 100 degrees with your back and legs off the floor. Balance out from left to right with the dumbbell, making sure that you keep the bicycle movement going at all time

For the second exercise, do the regular plank but with your legs tucked in towards the opposite side. This is a great routine for your obliques, but also your triceps, shoulders, and naturally, your core.

1. Dumbbell Torso Twists w/ Bicycles (30 sec)
10 Sec Break
2. Grasshopper Plank (30 sec)
10 Sec Break

REPEAT 4 more times for a total of 5X

Less than 7 min