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Training with Agi – Full Body Workout


Full Body Workout
Full Body Workout

In today’s routine, Agi will combine some of her old moves with new ones, all packed into a single seamless exercise. It’s a full body workout, as you are working your back with the Superman, your core and obliques with the Roll over, your front abs with the Bird Crunches, your triceps with the Floor Triceps Dips and your shoulders, butt, thighs and again abs, with the Plank with Alternating Leg Raises.

One (1) set of this routine consists of doing it in one direction and coming back to your initial starting point. Use a mat for this workout, especially for the Superman and Plank exercises; although Agi didn’t need to, ideally, when you are in Plank position, you would want to rest your elbows on the mat, to avoid too much friction with the bare floor.

One last thing, since there is no Gymboss involved in this routine, you may wonder for how long you need to hold the Superman…Do it for 5 to 10 seconds. The important thing is that while you are in Superman position, really give your back a nice lean stretch.

1) Superman – 5 to 10 Sec (+ Roll Over)
2) Two Bird Crunches + Six Floor Triceps Dips (+ Roll Over)
3) Plank with Alternating Leg Raises (+ Roll Over)
4) Two Bird Crunches + Six Floor Triceps Dips (+ Roll Over)
5) Superman – 5 to 10 Sec

This is ONE (1) SET

Repeat 9 more times for a total of 10 times

10 min

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