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Burpees Variations

You’ve seen me do Burpees Routines before. But as you’ve also seen with many of my other exercises, there are always many variations to a specific routine. Tonight I am showing you two different ways you can perform your Burpees exercises. Both mimic the letters of the alphabet (V and W). In each of the routines, make sure that your fingers are wide open, and that your hands are pointing very slightly inward instead of being parallel to each other.

The Jump does NOT have to be extraordinary, but do make sure that you get off the floor at each time, with your hands extended up. Set the Gymboss for 40 Sec for each exercise and 10 second breaks between sets

1. V-Shape (40 Sec or 10X minimum)
2. W-Shape (40 Sec or 5X mininum)

10 Sec Break Between each set
Repeat entire Circuit 9 more times for a total of 10X


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