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Hotel Room Workout


Enough of the excuses from people who travel a lot. You can still workout while traveling. Next time you find yourself in a hotel, these are some of the workout you can crank in. Remember, you can workout virtually ANYWHERE with the tools available to you at that time. You just need to be creative on how to use them effectively.

In today’s workout routine, I am showing you three different exercises that you can do using hotel room furniture, in this example, a cylindrical metal trash can and an ottoman. Make sure you have your Gymboss with you. Set it up for 45 seconds for each routine with 10 second breaks in between sets.

1. Reverse Elevated Pushups on Trash Can (45 Sec)
2. Elevated Triceps Dips on Ottoman (45 Sec)
3. Squat Hold with Weight (45 Sec)

10 Seconds Break between each set
Then Repeat Entire Circuit again 9 more times for a total of 10X

28 Min

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