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One Leg Reverse Elevated Pushups


If you are not already familiar with how to do pushups, then you may want to refrain from attempting this pushup variation until you can do 10 to 20 regular pushups non-stop. In today’s routine, find an elevated surface and lay one foot on it. The other leg is suspended in the air, about 40 to 60 degrees apart.  You will do about 10 to 15 pushups in that position. Then you rest for 10 secs and switch legs. Spreading your legs apart has the benefit of amplifying your ab region when you do the pushups. Think about it as a one leg plank routine combined with pushups!

Once you go through one circle (both legs), take a 10 second break and repeat again for as many times as you possibly can. If your sets start decreasing in numbers, that’s perfectly fine. But at each time, attempt to do about 30 seconds worth of pushups or 10 to 15 total

One Leg Elevated Reverse Pushups (30 sec per leg)

Take a 10 sec break and Repeat till failure

5 to 10 minutes

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