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Triceps Walk


Tonight’s exercise will help you get some definitions on around your triceps area. It is a great thing to build rock solid and good looking biceps muscles, but without well-defined triceps, your arm will look un-proportionate. So it’s important that you do not forget to do your triceps workouts. For tonight’s routine, you will get on the floor in triceps dips position and slowly walk forward about 10 feet. To get a proper movement while walking, make sure that as your right leg moves forward, so does your left arm (the opposite limb) and so forth.

About 10 feet into it, you will perform 5 triceps dips per leg, with the other leg raised straight in front of you. Then with no break, you walk backward back to square one position and then forward again with 10 triceps dips (five per leg). This is one full set. Take a 30 second break and repeat the entire set again 5 times for a total of 6X

Triceps Forward Walk (10ft) +
Triceps Dips +
Triceps Backward Walk (10ft) +
Triceps Forward Walk (10ft) +
Triceps Dips

This is ONE Set

Take a 30 Sec break then repeat 5X for a total of 6X

12 min


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