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Burpees Full Body Workout

We are back with the Burpees full body workouts. In today’s routine, you will be using lightweight dumbbells to add resistance to your regular Burpees. I am using a pair of 7.5 lbs. Use whatever weight you feel but the dumbbells shouldn’t prevent you from jumping, and they shouldn’t feel like you are holding nothing either.

In the second exercise, you are adding a little bit of spice to your usual Burpees by ending each rep with a Jump Split. This increases your metabolism (as you engage many more muscles and muscle groups) and helps you burn more fat.


Dumbbel Burpees (40 Sec)
10 Sec Break
Burpees with Jump Split (40 Sec)
10 Sec Break

REPEAT 10X (for Each Routine)

17 Minutes

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