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Hotel Room Workout – Part 2

This week I am on a business trip to Macau China and instead of falling into the welcoming notion of “skipping workout while you travel”, I remembered to bring along the Gymboss and Jump Rope with me for my hotel room workout sessions. My schedule in Macau is very tight so my workouts are short in nature but very intense.

It may not look like it in the video but  the 10 second breaks are not entirely enough to completely recoup before your next set, and this pushes your body to substantially increase its level of metabolism (as opposed to taking long break and having your body cool down completely before the next exercise – which in my view is useless and inefficient workout)

-Step Jump – Power Squat Combo (50 sec) + 10 Sec Break
-Side Jumps – Lunge Kicks Combo (50 sec) + 10 Sec Break
-Reverse Elevated One-Leg Extensions (50 sec) + 10 Sec Break

Repeat 9 more Times for total of 10X



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