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Hotel Room Workout – Part 3

When you find yourself traveling very often, you can still get a good workout in the comfort of your hotel room. You do not need a big workout space for your exercise routines. In today’s segment, I am still in Macau and I am showing you three arm workout that can get your biceps, triceps and shoulders tone up. As always I have my Gymboss with me. If you haven’t gotten yours yet, you can get it below

Gymboss Interval Timer

Set the Gymboss for 50 sec Interval and 10 sec break. Go through all three routines and repeat 9 times for a total of 10 times. For the Triceps and Plank walk on Steps, you do not necessarily need Steps. You can do these exercises on a regular flat surface. So “I can’t do it because I don’t have steps in my hotel room” doesn’t cut it as a valid excuse OK 😉

1. Triceps Walk on Steps (50 Sec) – 10 sec Break
2. Arm Stretch with Weight (50 Sec) – 10 sec Break
3. Plank Walk on Steps (50 Sec) – 10 sec Break

REPEAT 9 more times for a Total of 10X

30 minutes

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