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High Intensity Interval Training Operation Fat Shredding

Today I’m doing some bootcamp outdoor workout. It is an HIIT workout. As you may know by now, HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. It is an extremely effective workout as it engages the majority of your muscle groups, helping you get a full body workout completed in less than half the time you would spend at the gym using machines. For that reason, it is a very intense workout session. As is, it gives you dramatically better results than your old fashion workout and it adds more variety to your routines. Guys, this workout will have your fat cells feeling clean like renewable energy! HIIT is the best favor your can do to yourself in terms of time efficiency and result generation. And most of all, you do it  all at home with minimal to no equipment needed!

Good luck on today’s routine. After you are done with one rep (all 5 routines), take a 30 sec break and repeat the entire circuit again 4 more times for a total of 5 times

1. V-Shape Explosive Burpees (1 Min + 10 Sec rest)
2. Squat Press Kick Forward (1 Min + 10 Sec rest)
3. Triceps Press – One Leg Pushup Combo (1 Min + 10 Sec rest)
4. Split Squats with Double Press (1 Min + 10 Sec rest)
5. Spiderman-Grasshopper Pushup Combo (1 Min + 10 Sec rest)

32 min