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Muscle Shock Bootcamp Workout

If you are as busy as some of us but you still want to have a lean physique without spending countless hours at the gym, then you need a power workout like this one. Only equipment you need for this exercise routine is a treadmill. But don’t worry, if you don’t have a treadmill, just take this workout outside in the open (even better). Swap the treadmill section with a backward jog at the park. For the plank walk and mountain climbers, just do a regular walk (no need for a treadmill). Just remember to wear workout gloves so that you don’t hurt your hands

Guys, if you are looking to get in shape, and don’t want to go to the gym, there’s really no other options other than High Intensity Interval Training routines like this one. Remember, no pain, no gain!

Do this routine 4X with 30 sec break between circuit. That gives a brutal high intensity training fat attack all nicely packed up in a 26-minute time frame!!

1. Stairsteps Pushups (1min + no break)
2. Back jog on Treadmill @ 4mi/hr w/ 15 incline (1min + no break)
3. Power Split Squats (1min + no break)
4. Plank Walk-Jacks on Treadmill (1min + no break)
5. Reverse Crab Walk on Treadmill (1min + no break)
6. Mountain Climbers on Treadmill (1min + no break)

26 Minutes

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