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Squat Press Kick Forward

Looking to show off great legs when you wear your shorts this summer? Then you cannot do without squat routines that engage muscles in your entire lower body. That’s why this July 4th, I am showing you a great exercise routine that can achieve this goal. It is the Squat Press Kick Forward. For folks who are new to working out, I recommend taking it easy on this routine. You probably just want to do the “Squat Press” part of the workout and leave out the “Kick Forward” portion for much later, after you’ve developed more balancing and better body coordination.

For the rest of you avid workout fans, here’s the set up for this workout. Squat down making sure your butt is far behind you. On your way up, touch your left knee with your right elbow. Then with the same leg, kick forward and touch your left toe with your right hand. Do the same for the other leg and hand and continue alternating. Set your Gymboss to 50 seconds for each routine, with 10 sec breaks in between. Do it for a total of 10X

– Squat Press Kick Forward (50 Sec)
10 Sec Break

REPEAT 9 more times for a total of 10X

10 Minutes

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