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Bodyweight Leg Exercises

This workout exercise routine will focus on legs.  Make sure you warm up for about 3 to 5 minutes doing light jumping jacks and knee raises to loosen up your muscles. Set Your Gymboss Interval Timer for forty seconds for each exercise and between 5 to 10 seconds break between sets.


X-Squat: For this squat, you are jumping forward with closed legs (center of the “X” sign), then opened legs, followed by a Squat. You perform the same movements, backwards, making sure that you keep proper posture. It’s actually harder than it looks, so I encourage you to try it several times

Hip Bridges: Lay on your back and raise your hips through a thrusting motion of your torso, keeping your arms alongside your waist and your head on the floor. To spice up this workout, feel free to raise one leg for 20 seconds, and alternate to the other leg.

One Leg Squat: In this video I am using a jump rope to help keep my balance through the routine. Make sure your raise leg does not touch the floor the entire time, so you may want to go slowly. If you want to build strength in your hamstring and quads, this is a great exercise for you.

Once done, go through the entire routine 9 more times for a total of 10 times


25 minutes

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