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Can exercising help increase libido?

Can exercising help increase libidoIf good health and keeping in shape are not enough motivations to get you to exercise, what about improving your libido? There’s no need to remind you that having an active and intimate sex life with your significant other, contributes to fostering a happy and long-lasting relationship. And so, if the fire is threatening to die down between the sheets, chances are your bedroom skills need some tune up at the gym.

How can exercising help increase libido?

According to scientific studies, there is a direct correlation between a high libido and physical activity. Generally, the higher the level of physical activity, the higher the libido (both for women and men). This is explained by the fact that exercise boosts blood flow throughout your entire body, including down there.

Though men suffer more from low sex drive and decreasing libido caused by poor blood circulation, studies have demonstrated that women are also affected by the same problem. Exercising helps increase libido in women as well. Basically, when a woman’s blood vessels and arteries are fully functioning, her vaginal tissues are filled with blood much quicker. This helps produce a feeling of sexual arousal in a shorter period of time than otherwise.

What exercises help increase libido?

There is no need to look for specific exercises that can help you increase libido. Any regular aerobic workout would help increase the blood flow in the pelvic area as well as the groin, and buttocks. Consider aerobic exercises such as jogging, rowing, bicycling, power walking, etc. Also include higher demanding exercise routines in your workout schedule. High intensity interval training routines are perfect to not only promote higher metabolism, but also higher blood circulation, which is key for fostering a high libido. I can sum up the exercises into three primary categories: Endurance exercises, strength training workout, and stretching exercises.

Endurance exercises: To make sure that your bedroom sizzle lasts more than just a few minutes, you and your partner need vigor and endurance. In order to increase your stamina, your body requires cardiovascular workout for at least half hour 3 to 5 times a week. If you live in a high rise building, an excellent cardiovascular workout consists of walking up the stairs, two steps at the time until you reach the top, then walking down and going back up several times over. If you have access to a treadmill, you can set the incline option to the maximum level, and alternate between 30 second runs and 30 second walks.

Strength training: Holding positions in the bedroom require more than endurance. You also need strength. Strength training exercises are perfect to help you gain the muscles necessary to assist you when you turn the heat on in the bedroom. I suggest you also do abdominal workout routines such as planks or high intensity mountain climbers, to strengthen your core. A solid core is essential for an effective lovemaking session.

Stretching exercises: For your stretching exercises, I recommend starting your daily routines with a 5 to 10-minute arm, leg and core stretching. A great stretching exercise I like to do is to lay down on a swiss ball, facing up and relaxing all the muscles in my body. This is an excellent routine that eases the tension in your muscles almost instantly. Stretching exercises will make you more limber, and help facilitate the blood circulation throughout your entire body, which helps increase libido.

See the Swiss ball stretching exercise in the first part of the video below

That’s it. Hopefully, thinking about exercising as a sexual healing project, will help you open up more to working out on a daily basis. Always remember that health is wealth!

Good Luck!

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