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Exercise to Prevent Prostate Cancer

Exercise to Prevent Prostate CancerExercises are very much recommended as a prevention tool against cancer in general, including prostate cancer. Exercises that can help prevent prostate cancer are aerobic-type routines such as jogging, swimming, or biking. Basically, these types of endurance exercises push your cardiovascular functions to its limit, by causing your heart to beat faster and increasing your breathing. As a reminder, the average person’s maximum heart rate is 220 beats every minute minus the person’s age. For example, the maximum heart rate of a 30 year old woman is 190 beats per minute (which is 220 minus 30). For safety reasons, It is strongly advised to remain within fifty to eighty five percent of your maximum heart rate. So for the preceding example, that would be between 95 and 162 heart beats per minute.

Besides swimming, biking and jogging, other sorts of exercises to prevent prostate cancer include stair-climbing, playing sports (soccer or basketball), or rowing. I particularly enjoy stair climbing, as I live in a 12 story condominium building, and so I have the opportunity to use the stairs as great aerobic tools. I typically climb the stairs two at the time, making sure that I do not hold the rails as leverage (makes it harder), and that I do not take more than two to three very small breaks in total before I reach the top. Once at the top, I take the elevator down quickly and climb back up again three to four more times. To make it even more challenging, occasionally, I carry a pair of 10 pound dumbbells with me (20 pounds total) to add to my body-weight. If you do not have dumbbells, a backpack filled up with books should do just fine.

Frequency of the Exercises that can Help Prevent Prostate Cancer

Preventing prostate cancer through exercising is not to be taken lightly. That means, once in a blue moon type exercises would not carry any weight. Walking throughout the day would not be enough either. I understand most people like to take credit for all the walking they’ve done (from their house to the bus station and back, on their way to and from work). Unfortunately, that is not the type of exercise that would help you prevent prostate cancer. You must build the discipline of working out at least 3 to 4 times a week. A perfect type of aerobic routine you can do right in the comfort of your home, is called High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT. Like the name suggests, HIIT focuses on short burst, high intensity exercises that you do in intervals of 30 seconds to 1 minute (or more, depending on the exercise). For example, my morning routine this morning of Oct 17, 2011 included a one minute plank walk on the treadmill, then 10 second break, followed by a one minute squat, then 10 seconds break, followed by jump rope for 60 seconds, then 10 second break. Then I repeated that exact cycle 10 times in total (about 33 minutes). I could feel the elevated heart rate but ultimately, the profuse sweat was also the validation of a great workout.

Last work on Exercising for Prostate Cancer Prevention

Exercising to prevent prostate cancer is not an option; it is a necessity. We all need to understand that it is the small price we are paying today, in order to avoid the pain of tomorrow. Beyond burning calories, which is self evident, exercising prevent prostate cancer through exercisealso helps lower the level of reactive oxygen inflammation that travels through our body. Just like anti-oxidants (which I recommend everyone takes daily, personally I use the YOR Health Products), high intensity interval training, or any other engaging aerobic exercise routine, helps rid the body of inflammatory molecules responsible for cancer. If you don’t use any natural antioxidant supplement like I do, you should definitely favor food and beverages that have plenty of anti-oxidants in them, such as green tea, or fruits and vegetables in general.

Remember, exercising and proper diet prevent primarily against obesity, and though there has not been a direct link established between obesity and prostate cancer, doctors do warn that being obese can augment the risk of prostate cancer. So just clear your schedule 3 to 4 times a week for a 30-minute sweat-prone high intensity training routine, and also make sure you eat healthy. Your kids will thank you for doing that later.

Finally, always bear in mind that no matter how much you exercise weekly, and regardless of how healthy your diet is, a regular prostate cancer check up at the doctor is recommended. The chances of curing prostate cancer, depends on how early it was detected.

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