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How to Lose 10 pounds of Fat in 10 Weeks

How to Lose Ten pounds of FatIt is undeniable that our country has a chronic obesity problem. The statistics are mind-boggling, with today, 75% of Americans classified as overweight and 35% suffering from obesity. The increased absence of exercise in people’s lives, together with the spike in consumption of refined meals and/or fast food, has contributed to the rapid spread of the obesity phenomenon. Unfortunately, many of us do not wake up every day, thinking, “I’m going to do everything possible to get fatter and fatter”. Rather, most of us make some simple Fat Burning mistakes every day, the sum total of which results into major Fat accumulation over time. Someone once said: “What you don’t know can’t hurt you”. The truth of the matter is, when it comes to proper nutrition, what you don’t know is sure to hurt you! So without further ado, here are 3 tips you can start implementing as of today, to help you lose 10 pounds of fat in 10 weeks:

1: Load up on fat-burning fiber

It has been reported that Americans do not consume enough fiber. When was the last time you had some whole grain products and vegetables? The fact is, fiber has numerous benefits, and you cannot ignore it if you desire to achieve the fat burning goals you’ve always desired. Among its many benefits, here are the top two. First, eating or drinking Fiber keeps you fuller and much longer, preventing you from eating unhealthy snacks in between (or as substitution to) real healthy meals. Second, fiber is a very effective tool to control your blood sugar as well as insulin level. This will ultimately prevent you from seeing spikes and valleys in your blood sugar (which is known to cause your energy level to fluctuate sharply).

First advice to help you lose 10 pounds of fat in 10 weeks: Eat plenty of whole wheat or sprouted-wheat products. In addition, load up on fruits and vegetables. You don’t have to do all of this in one day. Slowly but surely, build up your momentum, knowing that your fat-burning goal is more a marathon than a sprint. Also, going slowly will prevent you from getting bloated from too quick of a fiber increase. As a rule of thumb, go for 25 to 35 grams of fiber a day to help you lose your stubborn belly fat

2: Eat four to six times a day

Yes, you read right! Many people are under the misleading assumption that suppressing your meal intake, or reducing it to one meal a day would actually help you lose belly fat. That thinking can’t be farther from the truth. The simple reason is, when you lower the frequency of your meal intake, your body significantly reduces its metabolic engine. As a result, it doesn’t burn as much calories, because it is preparing for the unknown. This is an automated defense mechanism, as the body wants to preserve as much calorie as it possibly can (in case you were trying to starve yourself). Makes sense right?

To make matters worse, when you consume only one meal per day, that portion tends to be ridiculously big. Now, you couple a very low metabolic function with a heavy meal. This situation results in fat accumulation over time, the exact opposite of what you were looking for.

Second advice that will help you lose ten pounds of fat in ten weeks: Try your best to eat four to six times a day. These should be small meals (no more than 250 to 350 calories each, depending on your size). This will assure that your body’s fat burning mechanism is working perpetually, and is not straining itself to burn an excessive amount of food at one sitting. Spacing out your meals by 2 to 3 hours allows your metabolism to recuperate before the next meal. Make sure to include fruit, lean protein and whole foods in your diet, to help keep you feel full at all time. And also, do not forget that exercising is a great way to supplement your nutrition and accelerate your fat loss results. Try some easy home workouts you can do with minimal use of gym equipment.

3: Avoid sources of hidden calories

We all know there are hidden calories regardless of where we eat. Restaurant servings have gotten bigger over time. I was just at the movies lately, and I attempted to order a small coke, and I was offered a large cup. I respectfully said “No, I ordered the small coke”. The response I got troubled me. “Sir, this is the smallest cup we have for adults. To get smaller than this you have to order the kid’s meal but it’s a full meal that comes with a smaller size drink – you can’t just order the kid’s drink by itself”. WOW! To think that this is the drink all movie-goers submit themselves to is flabbergasting to say the least.

Third advice that will help you lose ten pounds of fat in ten weeks: Try to eat breakfast at home before you leave for work or school. This will prevent you from stopping at the corner deli to get some calorie-sagging muffin or bagel on your way to the bus or train. When you order meals that come with dressings, make sure you suggest that the dressings be put on the side, rather than poured over the meal. That empowers you to control your calorie intake. Also, get in the habit of doggy-bagging half of your restaurant serving. If it’s a small enough serving, doggy-bag the desert, and eat it much later (again, keep in mind to space out the meals in order to allow better metabolic results).

If you want to get more tips on how to lose weight through healthy lifestyle, you should definitely see what my friend Lisa has to say on the subject of healthy eating habits. You will be amazed how, applying these fairly simple fat-loss rules could contribute to reducing your stubborn belly fat and help you lose 10 pounds in less than three months. Good Luck!

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