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Losing Weight by Fasting

Fasting doesn't help lose weightOne way to lose weight temporarily is to quit eating. Although not the safest method for losing weight, some people do choose to lose weight by fasting. Others fast as a way to cleanse their body of toxins. The question most of you want to know is whether you can lose weight by fasting. I will attempt to answer this question in this short article. However, keep in mind that these are my personal opinions, based on observation and research and therefore, I advise you to do your own research on the subject as well.

Is losing weight by Fasting effective?

It is important to understand the way your body reacts when you fast. During fasting, the body is forced to reach into its energy storage in order to provide the fuel necessary for you to keep functioning. As this energy depletion continues, your metabolism gradually slows down to avoid depleting your energy source too quickly.

As a result, when you resume eating after a few days of dieting, your body is more prone to gaining weight quicker, because your reduced metabolism does not automatically readjust to the change in eating habit. At times, you may regain 100 percent of the weight you lost through fasting.

According to certain studies, people can lose weight by fasting every other day, rather than several days in a row. The studies concluded that you can lose weight over time, even if you ate unhealthy food on your non-fasting days. I personally cannot testify to the accuracy of these findings, because I haven’t tried losing weight by fasting. The reason is simple: I don’t believe fasting is a sustainable way for losing weight. You simply cannot maintain that regimen on a continuous basis.

Can Fasting rid the body of toxins?

Some people claim that water fast, or fruit-juice fast can help rid the body of toxins. Some even attempt to detoxify using expensive methods such as chelation. The bottom line is there is no conclusive research that was able to successfully prove the effectiveness of any of these methods. The best way to assure the body is constantly kept clean, is by drinking lots of water and abstaining from smoking cigarette or consuming illegal substances. Remember that the body is naturally designed to get rid of toxins through two major pathways: the first is through the intestinal tract and the second through the liver. The intestinal tract produces roughly seventy percent of our antibodies. Antibodies attach themselves to toxins, bacteria, etc, and inactivate them, rendering them harmless. They are ultimately flushed out through urine and bowel movement. Also, remember that exercising regularly allows your body to sweat, which also helps eliminate toxins naturally. High intensity training workouts allow you to burn fat over a longer time period, helping you achieve your weight loss goals much faster

In conclusion, the weight loss or cleansing argument for fasting is more myth than reality. In order to lose weight effectively and sustainably, you need to exercise more, eat healthier, sleep longer, and drink at least half your body weight in ounce of water every day. You also need to eliminate soda and refined carbohydrates from your diet. Only these things can generate results that you can maintain for the rest of your life, because they are easy to implement as part of your daily routines. Good Luck!

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