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Thigh Toning Exercises For Women

Toning Thighs and Buttocks

Thigh Toning Exercises for Women are important for anyone desiring to shape up their physique and achieve the famous “coke bottle” profile. This particular shape is considered very feminine and attractive as it has the right proportion of waist to hips to torso. It may be surprising to people but every woman can do thigh toning exercises right from the comfort of your homes, without any fancy or expensive gym equipment. When these thigh toning routines are well executed, and combined with high intensity cardio routines, you can begin seeing results within a month or two.

This means that thigh exercises alone are not sufficient to see the great results you want. Like I always say, if you do not burn the fat, you will never be able to reveal your muscles. The same goes for abdominal exercises. You also need to keep an eye on your nutrition, which should be mostly organic, and exclude white carbs and any sort of soda.

For today’s thigh workout routine you will need a pair of dumbbells that you feel comfortable holding for at least a minute. This thigh exercise is designed to be done 20 times in total, with 60 seconds per leg and 10 second break between each set. In other words, 60 seconds on your left leg, 10 seconds break, then 60 seconds on your right leg followed with another 10 seconds of rest, done 20 times in total (That’s 10 times for each leg)

After you finish with this thigh toning routine, do some light jump jack rounds to let the blood flow through your legs nicely