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Burpees with Squat Jumps

Burpees are great full body workout routines that are designed to work out most of the major muscle groups in your body. With these exercises, you are working your legs, your arms, your shoulders, abs, chest etc. I particularly prefer the burpees routine because it doesn’t require any gym equipment. In addition, you can perform the exercise in a limited space. For today’s routine, you will be combining the burpees with squat jumps. This combo will be sure to get your heart rate up, and unlock your fat burning potentials. If for some reason, you have any issues doing regular burpees, I suggest you practice doing mountain climbers first. Once you feel comfortable doing this exercise, you can move on to squat jumps. If you can do mountain climbers and squat jumps separately, you shouldn’t have any problem doing burpees.

In today’s routine, set your Gymboss Interval Timer for one minute for the exercise and 10 seconds for the rest time. Perform one burpee, then two squat jumps, then another burpee. Turn around, then do a burpee, followed by two squat jumps and another burpee. Keep doing this until your minute is up. Then rest for 10 seconds and start the circuit again, until you can no longer continue.

This burpees with squat jumps routine is an excellent full body workout that you can do right at home. It can serve as a replacement to your regular boring cardio workout 😉

In the video below, I demonstrate two different variations of burpees

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