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Can Antibiotics make you Fat?

antibioticsAntibiotics have saved many lives by neutralizing deadly pathogens in our bodies. However, we need to realize that antibiotics do more harm than good, because they target a disease in the same manner a nuclear bomb targets one person. Antibiotics cause more unintended consequences than one would expect, because they end up killing a wide range of micro-organisms that actually contribute to our well-being.

Why are antibiotics bad?

Bacteria have always cohabitated with the good micro-organisms within our body for a long time. However, this phenomenon is changing. Over the last 80 years, because of the surge in antibiotics, many good bacteria have been decimated along with bad ones. For example, the beneficial bacteria that play a major role in the digestion of food and metabolism of vitamins and nutrients, are getting rarer.

Which bacteria are impacted by antibiotics?

Scientific research has discovered that Helicobacter pylori, which is a good bacterium that thrives in the intestine of everyone, is now disappearing. In the 1900s, the pylori bacterium was present in almost everyone’s stomach. Today, less than six percent of American kids have this beneficial bacterium in their organism.

How bad are antibiotics?

The pylori bacterium is a mixed blessing, because it can be responsible for gastric cancer and ulcers. These diseases (along with the pylori bacterium) have gotten rarer, with the advent of antibiotics. However, scientists also observed that kids lacking the pylori bacterium are more prone to asthma, skin allergies, and hay fever. Pylori is just one bacterium; so one can imagine the negative impact of antibiotics on all the other good bacteria that exist in our bodies.

How do antibiotics make you fat?

The pylori bacterium activates two hormones that control hunger. The hormones are: (1) ghrelin, which lets your brain know when you are hungry, and (2) leptin, which tells the brain when you are full. When these two hormones are out of balance, your appetite will likely be out of balance as well. As a result, a rise in the use of antibiotics has been linked to a sharp increase in obesity.

The sad truth about antibiotics and obesity

For those who doubt the fattening side effects of antibiotics, they need to understand that farmers regularly inject their livestock with antibiotics, for the purpose of making them fat. Farmers realize that fatter cows translate into bigger profits for their businesses.


If you must use antibiotics, talk to your physician about ways you can restore the proper balance of bacteria in your body. If you are overweight or obese, you should have your stomach bacteria level checked periodically, after you have undergone an antibiotic treatment.

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