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Chicken Marbella Recipe – Intro

chicken marbella recipeThis Chicken Marbella is a classic healthy easy recipe that you can find in any healthy Cookbook. Marinated with herbs, oil, prunes, capers, and olives, then baked with brown sugar and white wine.  This dish is a wonderful combination of salty, sweet, and tart flavors.  Although the original recipe calls for chicken to be marinated over night, marinating this healthy easy recipe for 2-3 hours work just as well.

Cook this healthy easy recipe Chicken Marbella for diner or at your next party, and your guest would be suitably impressed by the complexity of flavors.  This chicken marbella recipe can be altered to taste. Swap leg and thigh for chicken breast, if you want to achieve a shorter cooking time. If you don’t like prunes, swap them for dates. Add apricots or raisins. Swap brown sugar for figs.  This is a fool proof dish. And as always make it your own!

A step-by-step guide for the Chicken Marbella is coming up soon, so keep checking the easy recipe site for updates

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