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Partner Workout – Abdominal Exercise Routine

If you find it difficult to stay motivated through your workout routines, you should consider working out with a partner. A partner workout is a great way to increase your motivation level. When you work out with a partner, she or he will hold you accountable to your workout. Couples should get in the habit of working out together. Not only does a partner workout benefit a couple from a health standpoint, it also strengthens the bond between the two partners. I know of relationships where the husband does not work out, while the wife is a fitness addict. The longevity of such an unbalanced relationship could be tested over time. If the wife’s physical appearance gets better over time, while the husband puts on significant weight, there is a good chance the wife will begin to express her frustration. To avoid such an uncomfortable situation, couples should workout together

Partner WorkoutWho should be your workout partner?

If your workout partner is more advanced than you are, she can teach you a few tricks. In fact, I recommend choosing a slightly more advanced workout partner. How fun would it be to have someone teach you new workout routines every day for free? This is exactly the benefit of working out with a more advanced partner. However, if you cannot find a more seasoned workout partner, don’t worry. While an advanced partner can teach you a few tricks, working out with a mate of the same caliber as you, is actually quite enjoyable.

When you work out with someone who is on the same level as you are, you both support each other through all the exercises. You laugh together at your failures and awkward moments, and you hold each other accountable.

Partner workout – Abdominal exercise routine

Abdominal exercise routines can be done with a partner. A leg rotation crunch is a great example of an abdominal exercise routine that couples can do. To perform the leg rotation crunch, you and your partner should lie down on your back, facing away from each other. Your legs should be closed, while your partner’s legs should be opened about 30 to 45 degrees. Begin the abdominal exercise routine by raising your legs, and drawing circles in the air with your feet. Your partner’s should be doing the same rotation movements. Make sure that your legs do not touch your partner’s body.

Draw about 5 to 10 circles, and rest your legs back on the floor. Take a 10-second break and repeat the same abdominal exercise routine 9 more times.

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