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Partner Workout – Triceps Dips

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As I mentioned many times before, partner workout is ideal if you need extra motivation to work out. Each partner holds the other one accountable, and both cheer each other through the exercises. If you are new to partner workout, I suggest you pick someone who is at the same fitness level as you. This allows each of you to “grow” together. Partner workout can be a lot of fun when you select the right workout partner.

Partner Workout – Triceps Dips

If you are looking to challenge yourself, I encourage you and your workout partner to try the following triceps dips routine. Lay down on your back, and then lift your torso off the floor, using only your hands as support. Your knees should be at about a 60 to 90 degree angle. Your feet are shoulder-width apart and your hands are flat on the floor. Once you are conformable in this position, ask your partner to place the palm of her hands on your knees and lift her torso, in a similar fashion. Your partner will then proceed to perform 10 to 20 triceps dips, while you hold your position. Just to be clear, your partner is the only one performing the triceps dips. However, your triceps are also working in this routine as you are supporting, not only your weight, but part of your partner’s weight of as well.

Once your partner finishes her reps, switch positions and perform the triceps dips, while your partner supports the both of you. Keep alternating positions until failure.

This is an excellent routine that is sure to turbo-charge your triceps, and give you that nice forearm definition your have been looking for!

Standard Triceps Dips Routine

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