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Partner Workout Video Blooper

People generally do not have any idea how many times I shoot segments of a workout video before I find the acceptable versions that I can use. The intro portion of my workout videos is the part that I spend the most amount of time on. Though I like to make the intro short, it can take up to 5 different shoots before I am satisfied with the right version. Some may say that I am hard on myself when it comes to making workout videos and it is true. I value quality over quantity.

In today’s partner my workout video we had to retake the intro several times because of just one word that I wanted Agi to pronounce correctly. It can be frustrating, but it is mostly a lot of fun. I never rehearse my intro because I like it to be as genuine and spontaneous as possible. The downside is that sometimes I have to retake it a few times before I get it right.

No matter how many workout videos I make, each workout video is always unique and fun to shoot. I always show the same level of excitement each time I shoot a new workout video. A partner workout video is more challenging to shoot than an individual workout video but it is twice the fun!

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